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Element Fire
Class Warrior
Zodiac Leo
Max CP17273
A hot-headed knight who wields fire
Fiery Resolve
Fiery Resolve
Dispatch Mission:
Barren Land
Specialty Effect:
Reward Bonus +10%
A fiercely competitive but also horribly unlucky knight, she is very hot-headed and often gambles and loses everything. Her impulsive nature forced her parents to give all of the inheritance to her sister Carrot, who provides her an allowance to live off of.

+Critical Hit Chance %
SSS : +14.4% SS : +12% S : +9.6% A : +7.2% B : +4.8%
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

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Hero Stats

Hero CP: 17273
HP 5542
ATK 1359
SPD 105
DEF 585
Max Stats at Lvl 60 + Fully Awakened
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
21.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%

Campsite Stats

Campsite Topic

Heroic Cheer


Playing with Fire
0 Turns
+1 Souls
Attacks with a flaming sword, with a 55% chance to make the target unhealable for 1 turn.
Skill Enhance
Skill 2: Hot Streak!
Hot Streak!
5 Turns
+2 Souls
Shoots fire, resetting the cooldown of All-In! and granting an extra turn.

Shoots fire, granting the caster increased Attack (Greater) for 2 turns, resetting the cooldown of All-In!, and granting an extra turn.
Skill Enhance
Skill 3: All-In!
5 Turns
+3 Souls
Attacks with a blazing inferno, penetrating Defense by 50%.

Soul Burn Effect
-10 Souls

Increases damage dealt.
Skill Enhance
Specialty: Fiery Resolve
Fiery Resolve
Dispatch Mission: Barren Land
Specialty Effect: Reward Bonus +10%


Attack +3% Attack +20 / Health +60

Flame Rune
Attack +3% Attack +20 / Health +60

Flame Rune

Greater Flame Rune
Critical Hit Chance +8% Attack +30 / Health +80

Greater Flame Rune

Epic Flame Rune
Attack +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Flame Rune

Ultra Fang
Attack +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Flame Rune

Blazing Soul
Hot Streak!
Hot Streak!
Shoots fire, resetting the cooldown of All-In! and granting an extra turn.
Ability Upgrade
Hot Streak!
Shoots fire, granting the caster increased Attack (Greater) for 2 turns, resetting the cooldown of All-In!, and granting an extra turn.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

Flame Rune

Greater Flame Rune



The quite possibly-suffering-from-gacha-addiction gambling-obsessed swordgirl is here! Featuring a kit that only does one thing: damage. Cermia can dish out a huge amount of damage and carries her own Greater Attack buff. She can even make sure that enemies stay down with her rare Unhealable debuff.


Personal Greater Attack Buff

This allows Cermia to buff her already high attack value (3rd in the game!) to unparalleled levels. It will always be up for her DEF-penetrating All In! (S3), since it is attached to her Hot Streak! (S2) cooldown reset.

Innate Crit Chance

Cermia comes with an innate 21% crit rate, easing the gear requirements for hitting 100% Critical chance. This frees her up to work on other stats.

DEF Penetration

Cermia’s S3 has a conditionless 50% DEF penetration at all times. The damage on this skill will always be quite significant due to this.

Unhealable Debuff

Pulling a Shishio Makoto here, Cermia’s Playing With Fire (S1) blocks enemy healing as well, with a significant debuff chance of 75% with investment.


Thoroughly Average Bulk

For a warrior, Cermia has purely mediocre defensive stats. If built for damage, she will not be able to take much punishment.

Average Speed

While still pulling ahead of most Soul Weavers, Cermia’s Speed certainly leaves something to be desired, as she is not very fast at base with only 105 Speed. This means that offensive threats are likely to go before her in PvP and possibly KO her.

Unhealable Inflicted for Only 1 Turn

Despite carrying the rare Unhealable debuff, Cermia lacks the 2-turn Unhealable. This means that certain bosses who use extra turns will burn up the debuff before it can really do anything, and faster characters may end up lapping her before her next application.

Fire Element

While normally not a detriment, Fire is an unfortunate element to have in an Arena meta populated with Dienes and the occasional Lunas. Missing Ice heroes and not being able to do her job of OHKOing enemies before they can act is quite detrimental. Of course, given Cermia's high damage and her nature as a gambler, you could always take the risk...



How you build Cermia largely depends on whether you are using her for PvE or PvP.

In PvE, the Rage set, combined with Critical sets, will give her the highest damage on debuffed enemies. It is a good choice if you see yourself going against high-level Earth targets.

On the other hand, some bosses are debuff immune, some clear debuffs, and so on, so make sure that the set fits the scenario.

In PvP, Cermia’s main role is to nuke at least one enemy before succumbing. She can do this job best when using the Destruction set with the Crit set. You may also opt for Immunity so that she can be guaranteed to get her turn (if not dead, of course!).

Cermia is also a standout in Guild Wars due to her very high spike damage and ability to clean up tough targets with her innate DEF ignore. In addition, she does not need to rely on others to buff her damage to acceptable levels, as she packs her own CD reset and Greater Atk Up.


CritD %
CritC %
Atk %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
0 +4 +4
+1 +1 +1
0 0 +7



Mascot Hazel naturally has the best synergy with Cermia, going surprisingly well with Cermia despite their surface-level buff overlap. Hazel also buffs Cermia passively.

Since Cermia is a selfish hero without any other buffs, she appreciates units that can increase its duration. This makes Diene a good partner for her as well, since Diene’s 3-turn attack buff also refreshes Cermia’s Greater Attack buff.

Cermia also appreciates all other buffs, and thrives in the presence of a CR booster. Auxiliary Lots is a good partner for Guild Wars, where one-shotting enemy units via CR boost can be a vital role.

If you are afraid of missing in PvP/Guild War, Oath Key is an option due to the dearth of damage-focused Warrior Artifacts.


The above is a sample team with Auxiliary Lots and a CR pusher. Tenebria can be replaced by any AoE DEF break.

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