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Unique Equipment Review - Updated 9-18-19

Welcome to the Unique Equipment review, where we talk about upcoming unique gear for heroes. This is a skill enhancement system, with each piece of gear boosting one skill. We're here to give you all the details and help you to decide which is best for you.

All this new gear can be seen below, with a short synopsis of the potential available for each gear piece. Each upgrade has been explained in a little detail and I have taken the liberty of bolding the skill that I thought might be best appreciated, as well as providing reasons for each.

Yufine - Azure Dragon’s Spirit

Yufine gains 8-16% Effectiveness from her exclusive equipment, which isn’t especially valuable, but does make for landing her debuffs easier.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Double Slash Option 1

This is a weird one. Double Slash has a 35% chance to extend any existing buffs by 1 turn when used. I might consider this in a cheesy sort of follow-up team composition, but it honestly doesn’t look that useful to me, given the crapshooty nature of the upgrade. In addition, there will be many turns where you are NOT using her S1 and therefore won’t have a chance to extend buffs.

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Double Slash Option 2

Now this is fantastic. 30% extra damage on Yufine’s S1 is very nice and quite noticeable, especially if you’re going to be spamming it to land her DEF breaks.

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Dragon’s Roar Upgrade

This is also a very nice upgrade, moving Yufine’s AoE silence chance to 100%. This makes it the most reliable AoE silence in the game, and it already has buff strip properties.

Skill Enhance #2 and #3 are tied for me; it depends on where you want to use the upgrades. Yufine’s S2 (thanks /u/Zelandias) upgrade will be highly useful in PvP/GW, where reliability is key, and her S1 upgrade will be useful for other content, such as Raid/Abyss, and so on, though the S3 -> S1 combo with Soul burn, which is also excellent damage in PvP/GW (Thanks /u/AkioKlaus)

Guider Aither - Whispered Faith

Guider Aither gains 7-14% ATK from Whispered Faith, augmenting his already high ATK values. All of his skills benefit from his ATK value in some way, so this is a pretty nice addition. Speed would have been better, but this is fine, too.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Spirit’s Protection Upgrade

This is a simple but very strong upgrade. Guider Aither has 100% ATK scaling on his S2 barrier already, so being able to apply it to all allies is very powerful. Move aside, Luluca; there’s a stronger barrier in town!

With the changes to barrier mechanics this patch, this is a very strong option.

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Wave of Force Option #1

Wave of Force is given 100% stun chance. Unfortunately, it has a 4-turn CD and Guider Aither is far from the fastest hero. 

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Wave of Force Option #2

Wave of Force gives ATK buff to all allies for 2 turns. This is fairly decent as far as team utility is concerned, but doesn’t offer the staying power than upgrade #1 gives. If you have some strong AoE shielding on your team already or want a backup ATK buffer, this is a decent option.

S2's upgrade (Spirit's Protection) gives the most bang for your buck here, as it utilizes Guider Aither’s phenomenal ATK scaling for defensive purposes (Unless the ATK+ is applied before the attack on S3, unlikely as it is).

Armin - Golden Cat's Treasure

Armin Unique Stats

Armin gains 5-10 Speed from her unique equipment, which, at max value, pushes her from ‘extremely slow’ to ‘slow’.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Takedown Upgrade

At maximum molagora, Armin now has a 60% stun chance on her S1. This is very nice for an S1 and the highest stun chance on a basic skill. 60% though, will probably feel like 0% for some people. Maybe on GW or PvP defense, where you don’t have to see her fail to stun >_>;

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Shield Wall Option #1

Shield Wall got a simple upgrade here; an additional 50% shield. This means that Armin will have 150% DEF scaling on her shield. Too bad the cooldown is still rather long. On the plus side, she retains the passive 10% damage reduction for the entire team when this is on CD, so the shield is technically even stronger.

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Shield Wall Option #2

Armin fits yet another pair of shoes here with the cleric upgrade to Shield Wall, cleansing 1 debuff from all allies. Unfortunately, given the massed nature of debuffs, this seems fairly unreliable. I would probably only consider this if you needed cleanse support very badly.

I like the first upgrade option for Shield Wall  - it improves Armin’s consistency the most and makes further use of her fantastic DEF scaling. None of the options, however, are really all that bad.

Rose: Valkyrie Wing

Rose gains 5-10 speed from Valkyrie Wing, pushing her Speed up to a base of 107 before other gear and tying her with Shadow Rose.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Sequential Cutter Upgrade

Rose has long been plagued by the unreliability of her S1. This skill change allows her to always proc both effects on her S1 and removes any HP requirements. It is useful for keeping her alive and allowing her to continue doing the job of provoke tanking no matter what health level she is at.

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Shield of Light Upgrade

Shield of Light will now affect Rose as well, cleansing her of 2 debuffs and boosting her own CR, and also providing the barrier effect. Unfortunately, this means that any hard CC will make this upgrade quite useless, as she cannot self-cleanse if stunned, slept, etc.. In addition, the barrier is much less useful without the addition of the Provoke, which is unreliable with the S1 upgrade.

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Goddess of Victory Upgrade

Cooldown -1 on Rose’s S3 hardly needs any explanation. It makes her a more reliable CR pusher and, combined with molagora, reduces her cooldown to just 3 turns. This is probably the most generic but useful upgrade for Rose’s kit, as it makes her much better as your primary ATK buffer.

For team value, go with S3. For a better tank or teams with good ATK buffs, go with S1.

Chloe: Prototype Crown

Chloe gains 7-14% ATK from Prototype Crown, pushing her already stellar ATK value to new heights.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Magic Bolt Option #1

Magic Bolt now has a 50% chance to give an extra turn. This is primarily useful for allowing Chloe to instantly use Hyper Strike after using Magic Bolt to inflict the Magic Nail debuff. Unfortunately, the chance is set at 50%, so it is fairly unreliable.

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Magic Bolt Option #2

Magic Bolt will now fully dispel an enemy before inflicting the Magic Nail status. With this, Chloe doesn’t have to worry about pesky Debuff Immunity or Evasion Chance, DEF+, or any other buffs. This improves her ability to allow constant Magic Nail usage and even gives her some niche PvP useage.

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Hyper Strike

A 2-turn DEF decrease on Hyper Strike is just what Chloe needed to provide more utility to the team. If you have a dedicated DEF breaker, you might just decide to skip this, but it is also useful for a team with spotty DEF break coverage. With Molagora, this skill becomes a 2-turn DEF decrease on a 4-turn cooldown. With Chloe’s high base Speed, this can lead to many, many turns of DEF break.

Skill Enhance #2 and #3 are honestly tied for me, though I lean toward #2 for PvP and #3 for PvE. In terms of overall utility, however, #3 is excellent and will honestly take you wherever you need her to go.

Destina: Ruele’s Sad Promise ;(

Destina gains 8-16% Effect Resistance from her unique equipment, improving her ability to fully resist debuffs before fully clearing the team with her S3.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Key to an Oath Upgrade

Key to an Oath now dispels a single debuff from the ally with the lowest HP.

Exactly what it says on the tin - this bonus allows Destina to cure small ailments and will feature heavily in the meme-like Masochist Destina build. This helps to alleviate her poor base Speed and allows her to do her job of front-line tanking even better.

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Regen Upgrade

Regen now gives 50% CR instead of 30% CR at max molagora investment. While sizable, Destina’s low Speed might make this less useful than it seems, especially since this skill does not dispel debuffs. It might be better to take the S3 upgrade since it will affect the entire team.

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Destina’s Grace Upgrade

Destina’s S3 will get -1 turn cooldown with this upgrade, taking her cooldown from 5 to 4 turns with molagora investment. As the cooldown on her S3 was a major concern for people who preferred using Achates or other, somewhat faster Soul Weavers, this is a great buff for Destina. It also enhances her ability to be used in a stall composition, as enemies are restricted to an even smaller window of time before she resets all their efforts.

I’m leaning toward the S3 upgrade on this one, even though S1 is pretty good - if you’re a fan of Masochist Destina, though, take S1.

Wanderer Silk - Dun Blyraia’s Dark Blessing

Wanderer Silk was probably buffed the hardest of the characters here, with some very nice and viable skill upgrade options.

She gains 5-10 Speed from her unique equipment, pushing her already high base Speed up to 122. For the record, that would make her the 8th fastest Hero in the game, and the only one with what amounts to a stun.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Automatic Fire Upgrade

Automatic Fire’s second arrow becomes, well, automatic. This upgrade makes her fire a second time regardless of whether the target is debuffed or not. However, it faces limited viability in PvE since you usually assume that the target is debuffed already.

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Shock Arrow Option #1

Fixing her biggest weakness and freshly bolstered by her ability to go first in combat, Shock Arrow’s first upgrade makes Wanderer Silk an extremely good option for locking down a dangerous target in PvP. The ability to dispel a single buff from the target nullifies any use of the Immunity set, allowing her to not only Silence her target with impunity, but also decrease their CR to 0. This effectively removes the target from the fight for 2-3 turns.

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Shock Arrow Option #2

Also a good enhancement; this is the general upgrade when compared to #1’s specialized upgrade. Speed Up for 2 turns is valuable and good for the team overall, but as with Speed-ups in general, they basically lose a large portion of their value on the first turn. While this definitely makes her better for long engagements, it may not necessarily be wise to be taking her to such engagements in the first place…

My personal opinion is that #2 is a clear winner.

Yuna - Small Drone Tuna

Yuna gains 10 Speed from her unique equipment, pushing her already high base Speed up to 122. This is the same as Wanderer Silk's max upgrade and makes her tied for 8th fastest Hero. It also makes her the fastest CR pusher in the game, far outstripping SC Roozid.

  • Skill Enhancement #1 - Homing Laser Upgrade

The most universally useful of the upgrades, the Homing Laser upgrade gives Yuna an additional 1% CR per enemy struck, which stacks with her existing S1 passive. On most enemy groupings of 4 (PvP, mostly), it will give her a 4% boost for a total of 28% CR. After some testing, we found that the 1% extra CR per enemy DOES apply to her teammates, giving your team 12% CR in PvP.

  • Skill Enhancement #2 - Upgrade... Upgrade XD

Yuna also got a unique enhancement to Upgrade. This allows Upgrade to give the Greater Attack buff at a 30% rate, and is the only way for non-fire allies who do not innately have Greater Attack buff to receive it. With a 30% chance to proc, odds are that SOMEONE on your team will receive it. Unfortunately, as it is chancey, the attack buff could land on your supporter or your healer, or simply not proc at all. While nice overall, it seems a bit too chancy for me to recommend.

  • Skill Enhancement #3 - Meteor Cannon Upgrade

This is also a good enhancement. Yuna can dish out a surprisingly high amount of damage with Meteor Cannon, especially with the innate crit. The damage on a single target with this enhancement is pretty jaw-dropping, as her ATK scaling before Molagora goes up to about 2.5. It's less useful in PvP, where the battle will probably end before you get a chance to use it, but it is exceedingly strong at destroying Wyvern's shield and other bosses, even with Yuna's mediocre ATK, since it will be up very often.

My personal opinion is that #1 - Homing Laser, is a reliable and steady upgrade that is useful no matter where you go. The Meteor Cannon upgrade may be better for you if you want extra burst, and you can always go with Upgrade's... upgrade... if you want to gamble.


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