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Cidd is arguably one of the best 4★ Heroes in the game, shining in both PvE and PvP content. He has one of the highest Speed stats in the game, often allowing him to act first and take frequent turns. When he has a Speed buff, he can dish out a painful amount of damage and DEF break to the enemy team. High single-target damage combined with his Earth element makes him a great counter to popular water Heroes such as Diene and Angelica in PvP.

However, Cidd suffers from a DEF break that only lasts for one turn, a Speed buff requirement that makes him hard to pace with his team, and low survivability.

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Angelic Montmorancy

If you add an ‘A’ to the end of her title, you’ll get exactly what Montmorancy is. While she doesn’t occupy the exact same niche as Angelica, it is hard not to see the parallels between her kit and vaunted fellow Ice healer, Angelica. With access to lots of Effect Resistance, a reliable team heal, low cooldowns on her cleanse, and the self CR-push that her kit originally came with, SC Montmorancy is quite possibly the best low-rarity healer. She combines the best parts of her idol Diene and her mentor Angelica’s kits for a versatile healing presence.

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Fallen Cecilia

Fallen Cecilia is a supportive tank who excels at making her whole team significantly tankier. She shines in PvP situations, especially in Arena defense and Guild Wars offense. Her S1 - Mistake, can permanently Provoke any target that is slower than she is, and both of her other abilities serve to prevent your damage dealers from being nuked down too quickly.

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